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Isle of Scents welcome custom orders, we can do 1 custom product with your unique label design or 500 products with your unique label design.

Starter Kit

This listing is for any shop, boutique, salon etc. that would like to carry our products or your own custom labeling!

Your initial order must be a minimum of 20 products (you can mix and match any fragrances). Please send us an email to discuss your custom wholesale order!

For enjoyment/relaxation/gift-giving, truly multi-purpose! Soy Wax burns without smoke or soot and is eco-friendly! You'll be able to clean out the jar and either recycle or reuse it.

If you would love to know more about our beautiful range of products being customized to fit your purpose.


Fill out the contact form below and give us details of your concept or ideas.

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 Send us an email at isleofscents@gmail.com Or Call us 407-990-0527

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